17 - 20191222 - not so last blog after all

31 december 2019 - Utrecht, Nederland

So al you guys and gals probably thought the last blog would be my last. Well, here we are. And you are reading a new one!

It has been almost two weeks since my last blog. It has been  two weeks since I am back from the Japan. So far a lot has happened.

The day I came back, I needed to make a backup from my PC. I had an image on my laptap which had authorization to use the software the university supplied. So they erase everything and than put a clean version of windows on it. This needed to be done this day, because the day after me arriving in the Netherlands I had my graduation celebration. I received my diploma. You see, organizing is one of my key skills.


It was surprisingly enjoyable. Seeing it is not a normal time to graduate in november I expected to be either alone, or with people I did not know. Littile did I know I knew more than half of the graduates present. So everyone got a little story from the supervising professor. Mine was a bit worried. A day before the graduation I was still in Japan. The story was passed between him and some of the organisers of the event that I would not make it. Eventually my professor send a text to my daily supervisor, who in turn send me a text, to which, in my turn, I did not reply. I was in the plane, so did not receive the text and here for, did not reply. His conclusion was: "he is not responding, he is probably in the plane home, he'll be here tomorrow, I should prepare a story." You see, pretty smart guy, this John, maybe can work as a detective as well.

Here we are with all graduates and happy with our piece of paper!


There was a guy, het graduated with a 10/10 score and if I remember correct he published two papers with his thesis. Jeetje, that is something. This guy is the embodyment of all students insecurities. No matter what you do, there will be a person better than you! Its him. What an accomplishment man, 10/10.

If anyone wants to experience this event, it can be seen on: https://openwebcast.nl/?p=6637

Play the movie, get your cursor in the video and press next video.

One and a half day later it is time to gather my stuff, which is located all over Utrecht, and move to Rotterdam. This is the place where I will be living the coming years. There are a lot of boxes and other stuff and junk which needs to be moved. We find out about a trolly in my new appartement building. This king of little surprises makes life so bearable! Here we see a wild Jori sharing is joy with his happiness-dance and a lot of my boxes on a trolly.


We move towards the elevator, which is also a great invention! We barely fit in. Not because we are fat, it's our bones.


And this is it than. My new studio.


A mess, as expected after moving into a new place. But slowly and surely, things get there place and the mess


makes place for tidiness.


In between this epic clensing, also christmas needed celebration. We head of to some family gatherings. My mom for example, started renting a compelte-fucking-fort.


So we spent the morning and afternoon moving again. As if I did not do that enough yet. And afterwards we do some classic gourmet inside, near a campfire in a stove. A very fairytail scenery!

The next day it is dads family day. We go to the grandmother of the family. Normally she does not have enough seats for 20 or so people to sit. So more chairs necessary. So I start moving shit around again. And again we make our way to an elevator, which looks uncomfortably crowded.


What is it with me and moving? What is it with me and elevators? I don't know, do you?

And than it is time to sit around a campfire. Only this is not the 200 B.C.'s you uncultured swine. THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY. So gather every member of the family. And we sit. We sit around a laptop.


And now, it is time to leave you guys alone for new years eve. I wish you all the best for the new year AND the new decade. This seems like such a big thing right? It will be a new decade. But I will let you in, on a small little secret. Last year was also the ending ad start of a decade. Every year is. It just depends on when you start counting. I wish you good health and I hope you made some good and managable new years resolutions. Want to know mine? I sure as hell did not make any resolutinos. Mostly, when I want to change something in my life, I want to start with it as soon as possible, that stuff is exciting! But that is just me. You do you. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. I just told you how I try to live mine. The best to you all and watch out for your fingers and eardrums.


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